'Grey's Anatomy': Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs 'Charmed' Reunion Comes With Major Twist

Grey's Anatomy promised a Charmed reunion for ABC's Cast of the Past week, and brought the tears and laughs with it. The ABC medical drama series welcomed Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs as grieving sisters who visit Pac North after the third sister suffers a tragic accident, leading to the resurfacing of old wounds and big twists.

Spoilers ahead for Grey's Anatomy Season 16, Episode 3: "Reunited"

Thursday's new episode introduced Milano and Combs as sisters Haley and Heidi respectively, who arrive at Pac North after news that their sister Heather was involved in a tragic accident after falling into a construction site. Richard (James Pickens Jr.) is in charge of Heather's case and interacts with the two spirited sisters, who quickly reveal they have old wounds in need of addressing.

Richard updates the sisters and says she fell 30 feet and broke her skull. The initial tests show no signs brain activity, but he tells them they have to wait a few hours and conduct another test before she is officially considered brain dead.

Heidi and Haley are devastated by the news and seem to instantly disagree about whether to keep their younger sister on life support or letting her go, causing Milano's character to storm off.

Fans were delighted to see the Charmed stars reuniting, and sympathized with their predicament.

Later in the episode Heidi is having an emotional goodbye with an unconscious Heather, when Haley arrives with crystals and talk about how a change in the hospital's energy could lead to their sister's recovery. Heidi loses her patience and starts to scream at her sister, prompting them to hash out their drama loudly in the ICU.

Richard loses his patience eventually and confronts them, telling them their fighting won't help Heather and they need to come together in the face of tragedy. Despite some more bickering, the sisters ultimately decide to pull the plug after time runs out on the final test.

The episode takes an unexpected turn after Richard turns off the machines keeping the sister alive when the quiet moment is interrupted by Heather's phone ringing. Heidi answers it and is shocked when she announces her supposedly dead sister is calling.

Heidi reveals Heather is fine and her purse actually got stolen, and the person lying on the bed is just a stranger who had her information.

The mistake leads to some more bickering but Richard tells them to take the second chance as an opportunity to mend things between the sisters. They seem to take his lesson as his way of saving the hospital from a lawsuit and walk away.


The episode ends with a rather grim note from Richard, after his encounter with the sisters motivates him to call and make amends with Catherine (Debbie Allen. When she doesn't answer he runs into Gemma, a friend from A.A. who also works at Pac North, and she asks him to go to dinner.

Could Richard be heading toward another affair? What did you think about the twisty Charmed reunion? Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.