'Good Morning America' Sexual Assault Scandal First Surfaced From Unexpected Source

More information about the sexual assault scandal of Good Morning America executive Michael Corn has resurfaced. The Wall Street Journal unearthed that research for Apple TV+'s The Morning Show revealed that Corn was accused of sexual misconduct. Per the report, Jay Carson, the writer of The Morning Show, interviewed Kirstyn Crawford, who was a producer for ABC, for research for the show based on what actually happens on and off camera on such show, Crawford was asked about the prevalence of sexual harassment in the industry. She revealed that she was assaulted by Corn two years prior in 2015. Carson relayed the information to George Stephanopoulos, who then notified company executives.

Crawford sued Corn and ABC in August for assault and ABC News of not taking action when the complaint was made. She later amended her complaint to say that ABC News actually did do something and retaliated against her after she complained by not giving her a promotion.

Since Crawford's initial lawsuit, the parent company Disney is attempting to revisit an independent investigation into the matter. There are rumors that there was an attempt to mediate between Crawford and another ABC staffer, Jill McClain, who also alleged Corn was inappropriate with her. Corn left ABC for Nexstar and denies all allegations against him.

The company denies that they didn't take Crawford's claims seriously. In a statement earlier this year, the spokeswoman said, "When Ms. Crawford first came forward in February 2021 with allegations against Michael Corn, they were immediately investigated independently of ABC News by Corporate legal and HR. Following a thorough investigation, Mr. Corn's employment with ABC News ended." The spokeswoman added, "we will defend against the remaining claims that ABC failed to take appropriate action against Mr. Corn or retaliated against Ms. Crawford." 


Through a Disney spokesperson, ABC News said in August: "We are committed to upholding a safe and supportive work environment and have a process in place that thoroughly reviews and addresses complaints that are made. ABC News disputes the claims made against it and will address this matter in court."