'Gone' Sets the Stakes High in Its Finale Event on WGN America

The tension hits new levels this week in the pulse-pounding finale of Gone on WGN America. The series, based on the novel One Kick by Chelsea Cain, follows former child abduction victim Kit "Kick" Lannigan (Leven Rambin) and her journey back from her incident, the training she undergoes to rehabilitate her life following trauma, and her eventual entry into a special task force with the FBI agent who rescued her years prior.

Law & Order veteran Chris Noth stars as FBI Agent Frank Novak and the head of the special task force. Novak has a deep connection with "Kick" past her rescue and sees the potential benefit of her involvement to help victims and solve abduction and missing persons cases.

The finale for season one of the series will air on WGN America on Wednesday, May 15, and brings "Kick" in direct confrontation with the man responsible for her own kidnapping years prior.

(Photo: WGN America)

"Kick's" kidnapper, Mel Foster (Oz alum Lee Tergesen), was serving a long-term sentence for his crime but stages an attack at the prison in the finale and escapes. From there, he puts the target on "Kick" and gets help from an unlikely source in order to kidnap one of his former victim's self-defense students. From there, he sets a trap for "Kick" and does his best to avoid Novak's team as they aim to capture him and put an end to his kidnapping for good.

The exclusive clip above shows just how far Novak is willing to go in his efforts to capture Foster, discussing plans with fellow agents John Bishop (fellow Law & Order alum Danny Pino) and Maya Kennedy (Death Proof's Tracie Thomas). He uses a story from his days in Jesuit school that his priest told him about the struggle between the "good dog" and the "evil dog."

(Photo: WGN America)

"Within each of us is a good dog and an evil dog," Novak says in the exclusive clip. "I've seen a lot of cases. A lot of bad stuff. No matter what I saw, I always fed that good dog, no matter what. Then along comes a guy like Mel, and he just makes want to feed the bad dog. He just makes want to end him."

With those kinds of stakes, it isn't a shock that tension is at a breaking point for the finale. It also helps that the series is a 12-part limited event produced by NBC Universal International Studios, meaning closure to the story should come.


The finale for Gone will air Wednesday, May 15 at 9 p.m. ET on WGN America.