George Jones and Tammy Wynette's Daughter Reacts to Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon in 'George and Tammy'

George Jones and Tammy Wynette's tumultuous relationship is recounted in the new Showtime limited series George and Tammy, which recently premiered its first episode. The show is loosely based on The Three of Us: Growing Up with Tammy and George, a 2011 memoir written by Georgette Jones Lennon, the former couple's only child together. The book recounts her childhood experience as country music royalty.

During a Nov. 10 premiere screening for George & Tammy that attended, Lennon opened up about actors Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain portraying her parents, respectively, and she was incredibly complimentary. "First of all, I want to say y'all gave so much life to mom and dad that it really..." she said to the pair, adding, "I never doubted that the two of you could do it. I mean, I think that you're incredible anyway but, watching the transformation, first of all, was incredible."

Speaking to Shannon, Lennon said, "I know that, Michael, I probably made you feel awkward when I first saw you on set. Because first time I saw him, he was across the way, and he was dressed as my older dad. And his mannerisms, I mean literally the way he walked and was tugging his pants, I swear, was just like my dad, and I broke down crying. I thought he's really ... I'm going to be walking up to him saying hi as I'm blubbering."

Next addressing Chastain, Lennon offered, "But Jessica, you're stunning. I mean, you just look like mom anyway with blonde hair. You do. And the two of you are just incredible to watch. And I can't even say thank you enough because our family has waited for so long to see this happen. And I know you know because you've been part of it for so long."

Lennon finally added, "And there were times Abe came to us and was saying that, "This is what's happening, and we're trying to do this with the story." And he always told me how you were championing mom's fight to make sure the truth came out, that it wasn't something Hollywood. So I can't thank you both enough for that. And y'all did such an amazing job, and I can't wait for everybody else to see the rest of it because you did a great job." George and Tammy airs Sunday nights on Showtime.