'Game of Thrones' Season 8: The Mountain and Viper Reunite at Red Carpet Premiere

It has been quite a while since Game of Thrones season four. We've seen a lot of crazy battles and bloody deaths since then, but few compare to the titular fight we all witnessed in "The Mountain and the Viper" between Oberyn Martell and Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane.

While it lacks the body count of season three's "Red Wedding," it packs the same emotional punch and turned Pedro Pascal and Hafthor Julius Bjornsson instant stardom. Without spoiling the nitty gritty details, it was Pascal's final appearance on the show and things changed heavily for The Mountain moving forward in the show's story.

While the two said goodbye to each other behind the scenes, giving fans a nice moment away from the bloody end of their battle, they were in for a treat when the pair reunited in celebration of the end of HBO's epic at the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere.

(Photo: Taylor Hill, Getty)

Pascal and Bjornsson met each other on the red carpet during the event, but not before Pascal joked around with the media. According to Entertainment Tonight, Pascal joked about his co-star and the status he prefers in life.

"It's good to be alive," Pascal joked with the outlet before asking about his gigantic co-star. "Is he here? I mean, it'll be hard to miss him if he is, that's for sure. I should be able to just see him in a sea of human beings. That's got to be him. There he is!"

(Photo: Taylor Hill, Getty)

The actor then reunited with his former foe, posing for photos where Pascal attempted to choke "The Mountain" once again and get a little revenge. The giant played along before the pair of actors embraced in a friendly hug.

Pascal also got to meet up with his former TV lover, Indira Varma, under far better circumstances than the last time both of them were seen on the series. In the end, Pascal's Red Viper likely met his end a lot better than Ellaria Sand did in the series. Seeing them smiling and embracing on the red carpet at the premiere is a far better sight.

The actor also played around with his memorable end on the series by pressing his thumbs to his eyes. He admitted to ET that he thinks his end ranks high among the those on the series.

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"I win with the grossest death, don't I?" Pascal asked ET. "It's the most disgusting way, anyway. [I've taken] thousands of selfies where fans want to put their thumbs in my eyeballs and I acquiesce."

Bjornsson, the 2018 World's Strongest Man, also shared his fond thoughts about the series and teased his role for the final season just a bit.


"I can tell you this," Bjornsson told Fox News. "I myself am super-excited to see the season. I've never been this excited before. I'm a fan myself and this was the hardest season that I have done ever for Game of Thrones. It was the most difficult. Like, physically and mentally for me."

Game of Thrones season 8 premieres April 14 on HBO.