'Game of Thrones' Leaks for Fourth-Straight Week, and Fans Have Thoughts

Sunday brings the fourth episode of Game of Thrones final season to HBO, but once again the episode has leaked early. Earlier in the day, details about Episode 4 started to appear on Reddit and Twitter, leading to most of the episode's major moments being released to the public in written and video form.

This is the fourth leak in as many weeks, with many fans essentially expecting a leak each Sunday ahead of a new episode. Many are thrilled to know what happens and possibly watch the episode before it officially is released on HBO, but others are a little more upset that the promised "epic" final season is being spoiled one week at a time.

Many found out about the news on social media and shared their thoughts shortly after.

"Just seen a Game of Thrones leak, and I'm really sad but kind of excited, more than anything just annoyed that [Game of Thrones] can't stop leaks." one user wrote. "I'd love to enjoy the episode fully myself, and this happens every episode."

"ANOTHER leak before the episode...anyone who thinks that it's an accident is stupid," another added. "So yea see you later everyone I'm avoiding any and all spoilers until the episode airs tonight [Game of Thrones]."

Some fans on social media pleaded with other fans and media outlets to keep the spoilers under wraps until the actual episode airs.

"I can't express enough the need for thoughtful headlines re: [Game of Thrones] leaks... especially before an episode airs!" a fan opened her request on Twitter. "I do not want to click on your article about a leak but I also do not want to see your headline giving the leak away."

Others were less forgiving, sarcastically giving in to the anonymous leakers online.

"[Everyone] been spoiled, thanks for the leaks," an upset fan posted.

The actual leak of the episode was accompanied by alleged plot points for the rest of the season, giving fans online even more reasons to pause.

"These [Game of Thrones] scene leaks are worse than episode leaks [because] without context the events are just unjustified insanity," a fan vented on Twitter.

"If the other leaks about Daenerys are true, I'm out," another wrote about reported plans for Emilia Clarke's character on the show. "They ruined a beautiful female character with all this nonsense."

The other leaks have not been confirmed just yet despite some of the details appearing in the video that was released for episode 4. Still, a lot of fans were already disappointed by the handling of the Battle of Winterfell and the end of the White Walker threat. Couple that with the frustration over the seemingly unstoppable leaks and fans are definitely left on edge.


We'll have to see how they fair if next Sunday's episode ends up getting leaked as well.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Now.