'Game of Thrones': Conleth Hill Looked Angry About Varys' Death, and Fans Have Thoughts

Game of Thrones fans think Varys actor Conleth Hill looked pretty displeased in the new behind-the-scenes documentary where he learned his character's fate.

Warning! Spoilers for Game of Thrones lie ahead!

HBO took fans behind the scenes of their favorite fantasy epic in Game of Thrones: The Last Watch. The feature documentary detailed the making of Season 8, including the table reads where the actors learned the fate of their characters. To some, it was obvious that Hill expected more for his Master of Whisperers, Lord Varys.

In the moment of his character's death, Hill shuffled his script and pushed it away from himself on the crowded table. The actor leaned back in his chair and touched his face before folding his arms and looking off, apparently misty-eyed.

For those that need a refresher, Varys decided to support Jon Snow's claim to the throne over Daenerys' as soon as he heard about Jon's true parentage, despite the fact that Jon did not want to rule. Varys then sent a few letters telling the truth to other lords and tried to have Daenerys poisoned, knowing it was only a matter of time before he was executed. Ultimately, Daenerys put him to death by dragon fire.

Hill has stated that he "took it very personally" when Varys was killed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Some fans feel that the documentary reveals a new level of disappointment in him, and they discussed the moment on Twitter.

"He's rocking back and forth and visibly pissed," one fan tweeted.

"He threw the script like get this shot out of my face," added another.

Many fans felt Hill's disappointment right along with him, as the character's death was a low point for a lot of viewers.

"Honestly... I just got upset all over again," one person tweeted. "Varys was the smartest mf on this show and this is how he went out smh. As a 'traitor' disgusted."

Hill told EW that he had a visceral reaction to Varys' death and that he did not think about the death as an actor at first.


"I took it very personally. I took it as a person, not as an actor or an artist," he said. "You can't help feeling that you failed in some way, that you haven't lived up to some expectation that you didn't know about."

There were many other candid moments to react to in the documentary. Game of Thrones: The Last Watch is streaming now on HBO Go and HBO Now.