FOX Show in Serious Jeopardy of Cancellation

As TV network's Upfront presentations loom, TV cancellation and renewal decisions are piling up. [...]

As TV network's Upfront presentations loom, TV cancellation and renewal decisions are piling up. FOX is one network that still has several shows on the bubble. One of the most at-risk shows appears to be The Moodys, the sitcom starring Denis Leary, Elizabeth Perkins and Jay Baruchel. The unease about the show's place on the FOX schedule comes from a report and looking into the network's recent schedule shift.

In around up of FOX's shows that have yet to be renewed, Nellie Andreeva, Deadline's Co-Editor-in-Chief, TV; did not have a positive outlook for the half-hour comedy. "Things do not look promising for The Moodys," Andreeva wrote. "After an initial run as a holiday event series, Fox brought it back as an ongoing family comedy. The half-hour starring Denis Leary has struggled to get traction, ranking among the lowest rated Fox series."

To pair with this fact, TV Series Finale points out that the network unexpectedly pulled The Moodys from its spring schedule before all of Season 2's episodes could air. Three episodes of the sitcom's nine-episode season still have not aired. Instead, FOX slotted in Let's Be Real, a puppet comedy series. Whenever a network suddenly pulls a show from the schedule, that is a very bad sign. Those shows typically end up axed as Upfronts (where networks show advertisers their fall programming slates) come around.

However, not all hope is lost. The show's official Twitter account bio states the show is merely on hiatus, with new episodes set to start airing on Sunday, June 6. Furthermore, the show's Twitter account is still being updated, so there might be hope yet.

The Moodys is an unusual part of the FOX family. The program, which is based on an Australian show of the same name, aired Season 1 under the title A Moody Christmas. It was presumed that it was either a limited series or would only return around the holidays. However, it transitioned to a standard family sitcom under its current title, The Moodys, when it returned in April. However, its viewership has dropped 43% between seasons. There was no one clear reason for the show's downfall. It could be the premise change, the new title confusing viewers, the long time between seasons or just overall decline in interest. Regardless, don't be surprised if The Moodys Season 3 doesn't come to fruition.