'FBI' and 'FBI: Most Wanted' Not on Tonight, CBS Airing State of the Union Instead

The State of the Union address will be creating quite a setback on television. Fans of FBI and FBI: Most Wanted will have to wait another week to catch a new episode as both shows will not air on Tuesday due to the special.

Fans of the shows will be able to get back to regularly scheduled programming the following week on CBS.

For FBI, the episode "Legacy" should be packed with action as always.

"After a truck filled with armor-piercing rifles is hijacked, the team works to discover who stole it, and what they have planned for the stolen weapons; a friend from OA's past returns to help with the case, but OA isn't sure he can trust him."

After that will be the new episode of FBI: Most Wanted. The fifth episode in season one will be called "Invisible."

"When a military veteran snaps after the death of his brother-in-arms, the decorated sniper's expert abilities push the team to its limit; Crosby's personal struggles bubble to the surface when the case begins to hit too close to home."

Three weeks ago, the show's creator, Dick Wolf, shared with USA Today that he is already planning a crossover episode between the two series. He provided a timetable by saying it will occur in the spring.

"We've had pretty good luck with them in the past. I would anticipate this will be a barn burner," he said.

These two shows won't be the only ones affected by the State of the Union address. Over on NBC, This is Us will not be airing, which has caused quite the backlash from the fans of the hit drama.

In regards to the State of the Union, President Donald Trump, amidst his impeachment trial and his recent win in the Iowa Republican Caucus, will be making his final address in his first term. It will also be the second ever State of the Union given by an impeached president.


His message will air on CBS starting at 9 p.m. ET. It will also be available on CBSN, the network's 24/7 news streaming service.