Drew Barrymore Is Not Replacing Sharon Osbourne on 'The Talk' Despite Rumored Reports

Following the end of Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet, star Drew Barrymore launched her own talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show. The actress has presented human interest pieces ever since and continues to do so amid rumors of a major move. The National Enquirer reports that CBS plans to fire Sharon Osbourne and end The Talk to keep Barrymore's show alive, but this will not happen.

According to Gossip Cop, an article in the Enquirer claimed how "plans are in motion" for CBS to give Barrymore's talk show a boost in the ratings at "the expense" of The Talk. The outlet proclaimed that killing off the show headlined by Osbourne is the only way to keep Barrymore's show afloat. "With just 600,000 viewers, Drew's show isn't going to survive much longer — and The Talk numbers have been dropping like a stone," the Enquirer's article says.

Gossip Cop reports that The Talk is still massively popular and that it will continue with Osbourne and new co-hosts Amanda Kloots and Elaine Welteroth. On the other hand, Barrymore's show has "less-than-stellar" ratings but will continue for the time being. There is no set future for the daily talk show.

The first-run syndicated show debuted in September 2020 and aired on CBS. The longtime actress has used the talk show to present human interest stories, celebrity guests, lifestyle segments and field pieces. Barrymore has also done so while using her "infectious brand" of humor and optimism.

As an example of her segments, Barrymore previously partnered with Matt Heafy, the lead singer of the popular metal band Trivium. The two highlighted a UPS driver named Hector Velasco, who had been nominated as part of the "Drew-gooders" segment that highlights community members performing acts of kindness.

According to the segment, a 4-year-old named Langston felt lonely during the pandemic, but he became excited when Hector drove through the neighborhood in his UPS truck while playing music. The child asked Hector if he had a package for him but was left disappointed by the answer. However, the UPS driver told him that the next day would be his "lucky day" and then made good on his word by dropping off a personal package filled with toy trucks and candy.

Hector's gift caught Langston's parents' attention and led to him being nominated for the "Drew-gooders" segment. Barrymore then discovered that Trivium was the driver's favorite band, so she surprised him with a message from Heafy. The lead singer appeared on screen and revealed that he was sending Hector one of his signature Gibson Les Paul guitars.


"Hey Hector, it's Matt Heafy, singer and guitar player of the multi-platinum metal band Trivium. Drew told me you love blasting our music while you're out delivering in your community, so Drew and I got together to put together a special surprise for you," Heafy said. "It's something a little bit like this thing right here — a Gibson Les Paul in ebony. This is the one I use; yours is going to look pretty much like this. I've been using these things for a couple of years; I hope you love it as much as I do. Thanks for being a local community hero, my friend."