Dr. Phil Reveals New Preview for Dog the Bounty Hunter's Upcoming Appearance

There will be heavy attention paid to the upcoming episode of Dr. Phil. On Tuesday's episode, the show will take on a hot topic around the country: bail reform. Dr. Phil will be joined by a panel of judges, including Duane "Dog" Chapman, Rosemarie Aquilina, Akeem Browder and Darrell Jordan.

The episode will surely pack a punch as the topic is put front-and-center as Aquilina and Jordan share contract opinions on the subject. Chapman has been very vocal about his belief on bail reform laws. The show released a preview of the episode on Monday night.

"Tomorrow: Dr. Phil investigates a controversial new law that will allow thousands of people accused of low-level crimes to be released onto the streets without bail," the tweet read. "Can Dr. Phil and his panel of guests get to the truth?"

The laws look to end the cash-only bail bond, which proponents say would give those who can't afford bail on low-level misdemeanors an expedited way of having their bail reviewed. Andrew Cuomo, the New York governor, sides with the law, praising it for its fairness.

"The blunt ugly reality is that too often, if you can make bail, you are set free, and if you are too poor to make bail, you are punished," he said.

Chapman, on the other hand, is against the law and has been active in sharing his thoughts on the issue.

On Monday night, he shared a story on his Twitter about the new law in New York being blamed for the release of a registered sex offender who was later booked for trespassing outside of a nursery school after he had been set free due to the changes in the law.


In the press release pertaining to Tuesday's Dr. Phil episode, Chapman, who recently hinted at a second season of Dog's Most Wanted, is said to "strongly" oppose the law, "claiming it favors the criminals over the safety of the general public."

The episode will air on Tuesday.