Don Lemon Got Drunk Again During New Year's Eve Broadcast

CNN Tonight anchor Don Lemon's New Year's Eve was lit by more than just fireworks.

The news anchor, who became a fan favorite after his drunken rant last New Year's Eve, spent the final hours of 2017 at The Spotted Cat bar in New Orleans knocking back drinks with Brooke Baldwin at his side. Celebrating the New Year in style, the 51-year-old didn't hesitate to take his first shot of the night.

Leading up the broadcast, fans had been hoping that drunk Lemon would make another appearance, and they weren't disappointed.

Some couldn't wait to see more of Lemon on their screens.

Others just took to social media to thank CNN for letting Lemon get drunk on live TV.


One Twitter user offered the world some sound advice: "May you live everyday like New Years Eve Don Lemon in 2018."

Last year, Lemon rang in 2017 by knocking back drinks on live TV and getting a piercing.