Dominos Employee Makes 'Game of Thrones' Throne out of Pizza Boxes

An employee at a Domino's Pizza in Scotland paid homage to Game of Thrones on Sunday with a DIY "Iron" Throne made from restaurant supplies.

Gregor Donnelly went viral overnight after posting his take on the Iron Throne on Twitter. He assembled his seat of power out of multi-colored pizza boxes, soda bottle, tin foil and other kitchen utensils. As the photo shows, Donnelly even fashioned a cape out of a Domino's apron, and posed like Ned Stark with his head bowed and a long pizza paddle as his weapon. Beside him, he wrote

"Pizza is Coming" in the show's iconic medieval font.

"Iron Throne I built in work," he wrote. Donnelly's post picked up tens of thousands of likes and retweets overnight, capitalizing on the TV sensation of the decade.

The response to Donnelly's post was huge, as people responded with their own Game of Thrones references. many felt that Donnelly had earned the right to rule over Westeros, and one user even listed his new full title.

"Ser Gregor of House Donnelly, first of his name, King of the Cheeses and the First Toppings, The Chef, Lord of Pepperoni and a side order of wings," they wrote.

"You either getting fired for this or promoted, no in between," added another.

"Someone at Domino's give this Knight a raise!" a third person tweeted.

Meanwhile, the company that made the soda lining Donnelly's throne, Irn-Bru, responded on Monday morning, writing: "Give this man a parise" and tagging Domino's in the U.K. Donnelly responded, asking Irn-Bru to "Sponsor me please."

While there was no word on sponsorships or pay raises, Domino's did retweet Donnelly a short while later.

"Ser Gregory, first of his name, House Domino's salutes you," the company account wrote.

This was just one of the many ways in which Game of Thrones completely took over social media on Sunday ahead of its Season 8 premiere. The show began trending hours before it aired, and it dominated all of the top slots for trending topics in the U.S. overnight.

There are five weeks left to go, and there is no reason to believe that the excitement will slow down from here. Game of Thrones has promised fans an epic final season, with the Armies of the Dead approaching and the remaining humans still trying their best to one-up each other in the time they have left.


Game of Thrones airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.