'Dexter: New Blood' Sees 2 Dead Characters Appear in Unexpected Way

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Dexter: New Blood has been open about how some dead characters will return in the new Showtime series, but not exactly how. We previously saw Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) return as her brother Dexter Morgan's (Michael C. Hall) inner conscience. On Sunday's episode, we saw a glimpse of two long-dead characters, but not exactly how we expected. Spoilers ahead for Dexter: New Blood Episode 4, "H is for Hero." (To watch the show for yourself each Sunday, you can get a free trial to Showtime here.)

While Harrison Morgan has been a big part of Dexter: New Blood, it's been unclear what all he remembers from his childhood as it was depicted in the original Dexter run. Well, if he didn't remember, he got a big refresher in Episode 4. Harrison fires up an episode of the podcast Merry F—ing Kill (hosted by Jamie Chung's Molly Park, who is coincidentally visiting town elsewhere in the episode). He skips over episodes about the Son of Sam and the Manson family and goes straight for one titled "Miami." Alongside it is a photo of a person Dexter fans will know well: the Trinty Killer, Arthur Mitchell (John Lithgow). Soon after, we also see an image of Harrison's mom — Trinity's final victim — Rita Bennett (Julie Benz).

(Photo: Showtime)

It's an unexpected way to see these two majorly important characters again, but a welcome one. With New Blood being so drenched in new characters and plot threads, longtime Dexter fans will love a firm connection to the original show's high points. While some might be a bit disappointed that this is how we see Rita and Trinity again, there's still plenty of episodes ahead where they could make a comeback similar to Deb's.


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