Debra Messing Reveals Two New Photos to Followers, and They Are Claiming She Looks Unrecognizable

After Debra Messing posted two selfies to her Instagram page, fans started claiming she had some cosmetic surgery and demanded to know the truth about whether or not she "overdid it."

The Will & Grace actress looked noticeably different in two photos she posted just ahead of the DoSomething Gala in New York.

Fans immediately took to the comment section with speculation.

One fan wrote, "I would not recognize You."

Someone else asked the burning question on everyone's mind, "Did you have a facelift?"

Another user wrote, "You too??? Whhhyyy? Why can't you just age gracefully - like you were?" while someone else seemed to be thinking the same thing asking, "You were gorgeous already!! Why why why mess with perfection?????"

Another fan categorized her with the rest of Hollywood, writing, "Yikes! ! [Too] much botox. It's a shame Hollywood is always fake."

Someone even said she should change her account to a fake one by responding with, "I love you but that's because you're always so real and down to earth. With this photo you'll have to change your Instagram to the fake Debra Messing."

Instead of responding to the 50-year-old's charity work she was honored for, all fans could seem to notice is her change in look.

Messing responded to the backlash by saying she's been getting good facials lately. Whether it's really a good facial or not and despite the haters, she still received a lot of love on the post.

"Bravo!! What a wonderful honor." Someone said. "You know how to shine from the inside out. There is nothing more beautiful than helping to make the world a better place [lips emoji]."

"I'm so proud of you! I love you!!!!" someone else commented.

"Gorgeous and talented!" another fan mentioned.

While someone else showed their support, they did mention that they were disappointed in a lot of the comments focusing on her makeup instead of the cause.

"Lovely, but a little sad this is a post about ca cause and most of the comments are on your eye makeup."

Not sure if there was sarcasm in this response or not but either way, one of her fans showed love saying, "How is it that you're not aging? Beautiful!"


While there's a thousand words for these photos, it's unclear to the public whether it was the makeup or angle that had something to do with her change in look, or if in fact the actress got a little facial work done.

The Will & Grace reboot will return for its third season in fall 2019