'Days of Our Lives' Star Joins 'General Hospital' Days After Exit

Steve Burton will be returning to 'General Hospital' after last appearing on the soap in 2021.

While Salem loses a resident, Port Charles is gaining a resident. It was recently announced that Days of Our Lives star Steve Burton was exiting the long-running soap just a year after he reprised his role as Harris Michaels. Now, Burton will once again be staying in the soap opera genre and coming back to General Hospital. The show's official Twitter made the announcement amidst the General Hospital 60th anniversary special last night.

Stars Laura Wright and Kelly Monaco kicked things off by stepping in front of two of three doors and saying, "When one door closes" and "Another one opens," respectively, Burton steps out to reveal himself. After wishing General Hospital a happy 60th, he told fans to stay tuned because "big things are coming to Port Charles."

Steve Burton joined the cast as Jason Morgan in 1991. Jason is one of the longest-running characters on the soap opera, having been played by child actors in the '80s as he is the son of Stuart Damon's Dr. Alan Quartermaine and his mistress Susan Moore (Gail Ramsey) before being permanently played by Burton. The actor remained on the series through 2012, with Billy Miller taking over the role of Jason. However, once Burton returned in 2017, it was revealed that Miller was playing Jason's twin brother, Andrew Cain, because, of course.

Burton left again in 2021 after being fired due to failing to follow the program's COVID regulations but was hopeful he'd return at some point. Now that fans know he will definitely be coming back to Port Charles, they have some time to figure out just how and for how long. The teaser didn't indicate when Jason Morgan will be coming back to town, just that big things will certainly be coming. In Burton's last episode in 2021, it was assumed that Jason had died after a shootout with Wes Ramsey's Peter August, who was responsible for his disappearance. Assuming now that Jason is not dead, it should be interesting to find out just what happened on that fateful night and what he has been up to since then.

No details have been released on Steve Burton's return to General Hospital or what will bring Jason Morgan back to Port Charles and how. If he is playing Jason again, that is. More information will hopefully be released in the coming months or sooner, but fans will just have to be happy with the fact that Burton is coming back to General Hospital very soon.