'Days of Our Lives' Cast Calls for Change Amid Toxic Work Environment Allegations

More than 25 'Days of Our Lives' cast members have signed the petition to date.

Dozens of Days of Our Lives cast members are calling for change following an investigation into misconduct and toxic workplace allegations against co-executive producer and director Albert Alarr and his team. With Alarr still at the head of the longtime soap opera, at least 25 Days of Our Lives cast members have signed a petition calling for new leadership on the show, reports Deadline.

In the petition, the actors cited "traumatic and disheartening" new developments on the show that were reported in a June exposé published by Deadline. "As a result of said actions of the current [co-] executive producer Albert Alarr, mentioned in the report, many of us feel – and will continue to feel – very uncomfortable and distraught should he stay involved with the show," the petition reads. "Many of us have either been physically or verbally violated by him, including witnessing those objectionable and offensive actions."

The petition calls for Alarr to be replaced with someone whom the cast can respect and trust. "We all want to make the most of this significant moment, not just for us in entertainment, but for our loyal viewers and the culture as a whole," the actors wrote.

Days of Our Lives distributor Sony Pictures Television previously conducted an investigation after a complaint of gender disparity in pay, which was soon joined by misconduct allegations against Alarr. Between 30 to 40 people, most of whom were women, were interviewed in the probe, which included allegations of inappropriate comments and touching, including groping and forceful kissing. Deadline's report also included multiple witnesses saying Alarr would laugh off inappropriate comments and regularly bring up the lack of human resources on the show.

Days of Our Lives was dark last week and was scheduled to return to production this week, with Alarr scheduled to direct Friday's episode. Last minute, the hiatus was extended by a week. Corday Productions previously issued a statement in regard to the allegations, confirming to Deadline that Sony Pictures Television has been engaged to "conduct an impartial investigation into this matter." They continued, "After a two-month investigation, the independent investigator produced a report with its findings. Based on those findings, Corday Productions has taken a series of actions designed to ensure a safe and respectful work environment.