Darren Aronofsky Hopes Viewers Smoke Pot Before Watching 'One Strange Rock' Series

Darren Aronofsky has made a name for himself in Hollywood by making strange, thought-provoking and often stomach-turning films. But with his new documentary series "One Strange Rock," he expects his audience won't be level headed while watching.

While promoting the National Geographic series at a Television Critics Association press tour on Saturday, the Mother! director said he expects the show to attract young adults and that they'll be high on marijuana while watching it.

"I've been to millennial parties where 'Planet Earth' was playing in the background," Aronofsky said, then suggesting the viewers would light up a joint beforehand.

"Well, it's legal now in California," he said, earning a laugh from the audience.

Aronofsky is the producer for the 10-part series, which covers a group of astronauts as the recall personal memoirs and unique perspectives from seeing the planet from space. Will Smith is slated to be the show's host.

"It is a very different show than you've seen before," Aronofsky said. "What was exciting about this was taking astronomy, anthropology, biology, chemistry, physics, and trying to sort of blend them together to talk about this home that we're all living on."

"I think my idea with everyone else was to create a visual bible that all these different teams could follow," he said, ""...So kind of like the Charles Eames Powers of Ten film, there was a relationship between all the different footage from all over the world that could come together and tell a story."


The show will premiere in March on National Geographic.