'Dancing With the Stars' Fans Still Confused Why Sean Spicer Stayed, Still Peeved

Dancing With the Stars fans are still confused as to why Sean Spicer continues to stay on the show, and many of them are very peeved about it. During the most recent elimination, there were seven teams left and — while many felt that Spicer's moves have been nowhere near the talent-level some of his competitors maintain — he once again hung in there. This set off a number of comments online, with one person tweeting, "So ridiculous. Spicer is still on @DancingABC. He is the worst dancer. How unfair and unfortunate."

"This will likely ruin DWTS which is exactly what happens when Trump touches anything," another person commented, referring to Spicer's old boss.

"To vote for someone who is a bad dancer to spite the judges or for a political reason is not only wrong it's disrespectful to the really great dancers like James and Hannah. It's childish and reflects that they have zero understanding of the goal of DWTS," someone else wrote.

However, Spicer is certainly not without his supporters, as there are still many who are rooting for the for White House Press Secretary.

"Sean embodies the show's original purpose which was showcasing AMATEUR dancers that work hard, train, and perform," one fan said of Spicer. "The show recently seems to favor people who do other things but have had dance training. Plus @seanspicer is funny and fun to watch."

A number of Spicer's fans have expressed frustration with the show's judges, for what they say is "rude" behavior toward Spicer.

"Keep it up Sean..you are improving and having a good time...that's what it's all about. Judges are so rude and Tom Bergeron is too," a Spicer fan tweeted. "I hope you win it all. Keep up the good work!!!"

"The judges are So mean to him," another added. "It's one thing for constructive criticism but they are CRUEL!! I thought we were supposed to teach kindness to children! They are adult BULLIES!! Smh."


Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC