Christine Evangelista Explains Why She Is 'Surprised' to Return to 'The Walking Dead' Universe (Exclusive)

Christine Evangelista is one of the three main cast members to appear on multiple episodes of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, with the other two being Austin Amelio and Lennie James. Evangelista plays Sherry who had a recurring role in The Walking Dead in Seasons 6 and 7 before appearing on Fear the Walking Dead as part of the main cast starting in Season 6. In an exclusive interview with, Evangelista talked about returning to The Walking Dead Universe. 

"It's been incredible," Evangelista exclusively told PopCulture. "I was so surprised to have the opportunity to come back to the show and it was just so special to revisit this character that started on The Walking Dead to think about how much she's changed since then, and to present her again in this entirely new environment with having all these experiences that she's had before. I was just so lucky to have that opportunity and to just bring it all on the table and just lay it all out there. And Fear is also really special since that last season because we've been shooting in this anthology-style format. We really have the opportunity to tell these stories. Each episode is like its own mini-movie that has this beginning, middle, and end, and so you're really getting to sink your teeth into the characters."

Sherry and Dwight (Amelio) first appeared in Season 6 of The Walking Dead. They are seen capturing Daryl Dixon, who eventually escapes. Sherry is then seen again in Season 7 as she is one of the wives of Negan  (Jeffery Dean Morgan), and when Daryl is a prisoner at the Sanctuary, she helps him escape while also fleeing herself. From that point on, Dwight looks for Sherry and ends up finding her when appearing on Fear the Walking Dead. And while it took some time to become a couple again, Sherry and Dwight are now as strong as ever. 

Evangelista also talked about the differences between being on The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. "There's a lot of similarities on the show," she said. "There's real continuity between both of them. There's a lot of the same producers, writers, and now actors, which is really great. There's a true fluidity in the franchise. I would say the biggest difference is this anthology-style way of shooting where we are able to have a much more in-depth look at these characters." 


Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC and AMC+. The Walking Dead is currently in its final season with the final eight episodes airing on AMC and AMC+ later this year.