'Chicago P.D.': Significant Character Gets Murdered During Jon Seda's Final Episode

Chicago P.D. left the reason for Antonnio Dawson's exit a mystery until the fall, but it could be related to the shocking death of a significant character.

Spoilers ahead for Chicago P.D. Season 6, Episode 22: "Reckoning"

The episode revolved around the Intelligence Unit working off the books to try and stop Kelton (John C. McGinley) from being elected in the mayoral election after he pledged to dismantle the team when he assumed office.

Antonio (Jon Seda) had also been struggling with the guilt of covering up his involvement in the murder of the man who kidnapped his daughter, and the guilt caused him to make a decision in the season finale.

Early in the episode, Voight (Jason Beghe), Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) and Antonio suspect they might have found compelling evidence to take them down, but the unit boss is determined to do whatever it takes to ruin Kelton first.

The investigation leads them to work undercover and follow a known gangmember. As the investigation occur, Ruzek is called into Internal Affairs with questions about a blood sample left on the body of the dead man. The officer tells Ruzek there is certain evidence that there was someone else with him in the building, and gives him a chance to change his statement.

The unit does a masked raid and confiscates guns, money and drugs. Things don't slow down, however, as Ruzek is once again asked to come down to check out new evidence on the IA case. At the station, the officer shows Ruzek photo evidence that he was not alone in the building. Ruzek maintains his story, but the officer says his attempts at protecting Antonio will not work. He gives him 24 hours to change his story or go down with his friend.

Antonio tries to get evidence on the IAD officer, when he begins to question the consequences of his actions. With the deadline approaching, the team gets their break on the case that could take down Kelton. The bust goes wrong, however, leading to another confrontation with Kelton.

Antonio and Ruzek start to argue as tensions rise, when Voight tells the team to get their act together. With Katherine Brennan's (Anne Heche) help, the team finds the person responsible for the setback, but he does not recognize Kelton.

With no more leads, Voight promises he will do whatever it takes to prevent Intelligence from being disbanded. That night, Antonio meets with his friend who reveals the IA officer has a daughter who is a sex worker.

While the dirt would likely get him out of trouble, Antonio refuses to use the man's daughter as leverage. The next morning, Ruzek and Antonio meet and he asks why Ruzek is putting his career on the line to keep him safe. Ruzek says that is what you do for family.

After Kelton wins the election, Antonio lies about having dirt on the IAD officer and seems to be following orders. Voight starts to unravel when Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) asks him if everything is okay. He announces he is going to meet with Kelton, and Jay has to promise to be better than him when his time comes to be the leader of the team.

Trudy later reveals IAD is at the station to arrest Ruzek. The detective is put in handcuffs as Kelton gives his victory speech. As Ruzek is processed in prison, Antonio leans on his drug habit to soothe him.

The episode comes to a heartbreaking end when the unit responds to Kelton's home and finds the newly elected mayor shot to death, as Voight drives in his car, seemingly unaware of what happened.

Seda was announced to be leaving the show back in April, along with Chicago Med stars Collin Donnell and Norma Kuhling. The decision reportedly came as writers decided the characters had run their storylines to the end.


Antonio has been an original character on P.D. since the backdoor pilot on Chicago Fire. He was also a star on the shortlived spinoff, Chicago Justice, but returned to the police procedural after the law show was canceled.

What did you think of Antonio's farewell episode? Did Voight really murder Kelton? Chicago P.D. will return for Season 7 in fall 2019 on NBC.