'Chicago Med' Season 5 Premiere Reveals Aftermath of Tragic Car Crash, and Fans Are Going Wild

Chicago Med revealed what happened after Will Halstead and Natalie Manning's terrifying car crash, [...]

Chicago Med revealed what happened after Will Halstead and Natalie Manning's terrifying car crash, and it was definitely not them getting back together. The NBC medical drama dropped a big bomb on viewers when one of the dangerous men Will (Nick Gehlfuss) had angered sought revenge by crashing his car into Will's car, as he and Natalie had a conversation in the car.

The Season 5 premiere featured the direct aftermath of the incident, with Natalie facing serious consequences both physically and with her relationship with Phillip (Ian Harding).

Spoilers ahead for Chicago Med Season 5 Premiere: "Never Going Back to Normal"

The episode kickstarted with an injured Will carrying an unconscious Natalie into the E.R., where the doctors rushed to help her and find out the state of her injuries. Will lashes out at anyone trying to help him and repeatedly says he blames himself for Natalie being hurt.

Phillip (Ian Harding) arrives just after Will walks out of the room to be treated and is visibly upset to see Natalie in pain, mentioning that the couple had been talking about taking their relationship to the next level.

Later, Will sits with Natalie and starts to apologize to her as she sleeps, when Phillip appears and confronts him. Their aggressive conversation is interrupted by new doctor Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains) before it escalates further.

The shocks don't stop coming, however, as Phillip takes the opportunity to put an engagement ring on Natalie's finger while she lies unconscious, and lies to Will, making him think Philip had asked her to marry him before the accident.

Will later has a conversation with Connor (departing series regular Colin Donnell), which is interrupted when he starts to feel pain from his injuries in the crash. Connor reveals Will needs a chest tube or he could die, so he finally lets the doctors tend to his injuries.

Natalie wakes up later in the episode, and though she struggles at first, she seems to be doing fine despite her severe brain injury. She tells the doctors she does not remember the accident or much of what happened before, leading her to believe Phillip had proposed before the crash, and that she is now engaged.

Will seemed heartbroken by what had happened on top of the Natalie "news." When he was told he could go home, Elsa (Molly Bernard) asked him if he was planning to come back to the hospital, despite everything he's been through and for a moment he seems to consider leaving.

Near the end of the episode Phillip seems to convince Natalie about their fake engagement, as Will watches them from afar heartbroken and thinking there's no hope of reviving their old relationship.

What did you think about the big "engagement" twist? Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.