'Chicago Med': Connor Confronts Ava About Her Past With His Father

Chicago Med finally showed the confrontation between one of its newest couples, and the aftermath might not lead to a happy ending.

After last week's revelation that Dr. Ava Becker (Norma Kuhling) can be a great liar when she wants to be, Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) went to his father for the whole truth about their previous relationship.

During "The Things We Do," Colin and Ava were once again working together after a pregnant woman with down syndrome came into the E.R. after fainting repeatedly.

Ava notices after they do the workup that her boyfriend is being cold towards her, and she wonders what might be going on.

The doctors realize that the woman has a heart condition that could end up killing her as her pregnancy progresses. The hardship of the surgery could end up hurting and possibly killing it. The woman says she's not willing to undergo surgery, which angers her mother as she wants her to prioritize herself.

As they leave the room, the woman's mother tells them that since she has power of attorney over her daughter, she orders them to perform the surgery. After she walks away, Ava says she will schedule the procedure but Connor tells her no.

"I heard my patient and she doesn't want it," he says.

The debate takes Ava and Connor to Goodwin's (S. Epatha Merkerson) office, with Ava advocating for the woman to get the surgery. Connor says people need to make their own decisions and not have others make them behind their backs, which is when Ava realizes he is mirroring what is happening in their own relationship.

Goodwin comes to the decision to authorize the surgery since the mother is legally allowed to make decisions for her daughter. Outside of the office, Ava asks him about his attitude and Connor confronts her about their issues. The doctors are then forced to take the woman to surgery against her will.

He reveals his father told him that Ava seduced him so he would donated money for the hybrid O.R., convincing Connor to stay in Med. Ava had previously claimed Connor's father' was spreading the rumor to ruin her reputation, lying to her boyfriend about what really happened.

After the surgery, Connor tells his patient that the baby survived. The good news doesn't last long as Ava confronts him about believing his father's claims over hers, though Connor tells her that she has lie to him too many times. She says that she cares about him and that her father is trying to break them up.


Despite her words, Connor doesn't believe her and walks away.

Will Connor and Ava figure things out or are they done for good? Chicago Med returns with a new episode Wednesday, Feb. 6 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.