'Chicago Fire' Winter Finale Leaves Major Character in Mortal Danger

Chicago Fire ended its eventful winter finale with a fiery cliffhanger, threatening the lives of a beloved character.

"Always A Catch" started with Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) and investigative reporter Naomi Graham (Kate Villanova) getting to know each other more while having a coffee at a diner.

The pair have grown closer ever since Kate first appeared on the series on the hunt of a story related to the sketch Grand Brook Trailers. During the winter finale, the pair agree to go together to confront the family who owns the company she believes to be the once responsible for the fires.

While the pair show the growing chemistry between each other during their meeting, the show hints at trouble ahead after they walk out of the diner, when a man who was sitting alone gets up and also steps out of the locale, seemingly following them.

After the firefighters respond to the terrifying multiple vehicle accident and they arrive back to the station to news that Cruz's girlfriend made it out of surgery, Naomi arrives at the station to fetch Casey for the interview with the family.

The meeting is at first pleasant with the three siblings welcoming Naomi and Casey into a conference room. However, things take a hostile tone after the siblings reveal they plan to sue Naomi for her claims about the company's involvement in the fires, and that they will use all of their resources to take her down.

Rather than be intimidated by their threats, Naomi tells them that she has been faced with promises of lawsuits before, but that won't stop her from chasing the truth. She then reveals the evidence she and Casey gathered about their shady business dealings.

She tells them she doesn't plan to stop and that they can threaten as much as they want. Following the meeting, adrenaline takes over and Casey kisses Naomi outside of the offices. At first, she seems in shock at his actions but when he starts to try and apologizes she kisses him back.

That night, the show finds Casey and Naomi hooking up at her apartment for the first time. The moment is huge for the series, as it's the first time Casey has sealed the deal since getting divorced from Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) on the show.


The series leaves the new possible couple with more to worry about than just their relationship status, as when Casey wakes up later he gets up from the bed to fetch something outside, opens the bedroom door and finds the whole apartment engulfed in flames just as the episode ends.

Did Casey and Naomi piss off the wrong people? How will they make it out of the burning apartment? Chicago Fire returns with new episodes Wednesday, Jan. 9 on NBC.