'Chicago Fire' Leaves One Major Character in Danger With Fall Finale Cliffhanger

It wouldn't be the beginning of a winter hiatus without a beloved Chicago Fire character in danger of losing their life. The NBC firefighter drama did not disappoint with its Season 8 fall finale featuring surprise returns, nods to the fallen and pulse-pounding twists, but the last second cliffhanger will have you wishing we didn't have to wait so long to see what happens next.

Spoilers ahead for Chicago Fire Season 8, Episode 9: "Best Friend Magic"

Fans worried that Severide's new position outside of the firehouse would mean less screen time have nothing to worry about. The fan-favorite character played a key role in the fall finale, as the show also focused on Gabby Dawson's (Monica Raymund) return for a surprise visit and his girlfriend Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) struggled with her exhaustion.

Severide, who is already making splashes in his new position on the Office of Fire Investigation, began the fall finale finding a connection between a cold case of a small business fire and one he responded to a few years ago.

He believes the connection indicates the wrong man might have been sentenced for the first fire and unleashes an investigation along with his new partner Wendy Seager (Andy Allo).

While his new partner had expressed interest in his roommate and best friend Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer), Severide also had a realization in the fall finale when he visited them at the office for help on the case. While Severide was trying to make his friend and his new partner's romantic connection happen, her hand gestures and flirty attitude toward him lead Casey to open his friend's eyes.

Severide does not react to the possibility of his partner's romantic interest in him, given his serious relationship to Stella. When they get a crack on the case, she asks him to drinks to celebrate but he says the shouldn't until the case is closed.

After Stella gets into a car accident, Severide cares for her. After putting her in bed so she can finally get some rest, he gets a call from Seager about an update on the case. It seems one of the suspects in the case is missing and the danger of another attack is imminent.

The final moments of the episode show as Severide separates from Seager and the other officers and searches the basement of the building. There, he finds many containers of a substance connected to the previous fires. He is then startled by a noise coming from the shadows. He finds the missing suspect hiding in a corner when he turns on an emergency flare.

The episode ends with Severide realizing he might blow up with him in that basement should he drop the flare.


Will Severide survive the latest crisis? Chicago Fire returns in January on NBC.