'Chicago Fire' Crossover With 'Chicago P.D.' Teases Romance Despite Tragedy All Around

Sparks might fly on the upcoming Chicago Fire/Chicago P.D. crossover on Wednesday. The first half of the crossover, on Chicago Fire, will see Casey (Jesse Spencer) helping Brett (Kara Kilmer) as she thinks about meeting her birth mother. On Chicago P.D., the return of Roman (Brian Geraghty) comes amidst a difficult time for his ex, Burgess (Marina Squerciati), as she is attempting to move forward after experiencing a miscarriage. And a new report from Us Weekly has given a little bit of insight into the possible romantic entanglements that the two pairs might encounter during the upcoming crossover.

Unfortunately, for any fans of Burgess and Roman's relationship, the two will not become romantically involved during the course of the crossover, as Roman is much more concerned with finding his missing sister. Squerciati herself confirmed to Us Weekly that there will not be anything romantic going on between the two characters, but that "they should bring him back because there definitely are sparks."

"He's dealing with his missing sister so it's a little tough. She's been through this situation and he's missing his sister, it's really hard to find time to date," she added.

Despite the fact that there's nothing romantic going on between them, Squerciati continued to note that Burgess is focusing on helping Roman find his sister and that it may end up having an effect on her character's relationship with Ruzek (Patrick Flueger).

"She's not really letting Ruzek in at the moment so it's just more of pushing him away and falling a little more into Roman," she added.

When it comes to another one of One Chicago's pairings, Casey and Brett, things could be looking up. Chicago Fire creator Derek Haas spoke with Us Weekly recently and noted that Brett will lean on Casey in the crossover event.

"Casey was there when they were bonding when this older man lost his wife and then they rallied the city of Chicago to her funeral," Haas told the publication. "He reached out and he gave her that solid advice: 'I know you're a good person you find the good in people.' So you know, he's been there in a confident kind of way. But who wouldn't go to Casey? He's always solid and optimistic and a shoulder to lean on."


"More characters are going to be brought in to the story," he added, noting that Brett won't just be leaning on Casey. "It's not going to be a secret or hidden or anything."

The Chicago Fire/Chicago P.D. crossover is set to air on NBC on Wednesday, Feb. 26 starting at 9 p.m. ET.