Cartoon Network Reveals Hit Show's Spinoff Trailer

While some Cartoon Network shows are sadly coming to an end, others are living on in new and exciting forms. Some series have found new life over on HBO Max, while others are spurring spinoffs. We Bare Bears, the lighthearted animated comedy about a bear trio, is the latest Cartoon Network series to get the spinoff treatment. Now, the network has revealed the first trailer for that spinoff, a prequel titled We Baby Bears.

The show's official synopsis reads, "We Baby Bears follows Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear – as their younger baby selves – traveling in a magical box to fantastic new worlds searching for a place to call home. Along the way, they meet new friends, learn a few lessons and discover that 'home' can mean wherever they are, as long as they're together." Based on this first trailer, the show will live up to that premise. The cub version of the We Bare Bears crew is seen adventuring on a pirate ship, in a snowy tundra and a land of talking vegetables, among others.

This spinoff follows the mothership cartoon's 140-episode run that ended with a movie in 2020, aptly titled We Bare Bears: The Movie. The baby bears were also a regular part of We Bare Bears, starring segments in place of their adult counterparts fairly often. In the release first announcing We Baby Bears, Warner Bros. championing the involvement of director Manny Hernandez as executive producer. (We Bear Bears creator Daniel Chong will also serve as an executive producer.)

"Manny's admiration for anime and music come to life in this fresh new expansion of a beloved franchise," stated Tom Ascheim, who is the president of Warner Bros. Global Kids, Young Adults and Classics (GKYAC). "The spectacular landscapes and musical inspirations transform this new series into an unforgettable journey for all We Bare Bears fans and beyond. And did I mention they are baby bears!"


No release date has been set for We Baby Bears as of press time, with Cartoon network simply saying it's "coming soon." We Bare Bears is currently streaming on multiple services, including HBO Max, Netflix and Hulu. We Bear Bears: The Movie is streaming on HBO Max.