Cartoon Network Creator Speaks out on Show's Cancellation, HBO Max Purge

The recent Warner Bros. Discovery merger is causing havoc for creatives, and Diego Molano, the creator of Cartoon Network's Victor & Valentino, is one of the talents affected. The company canceled his show, which had a supportive fan base, was canceled amidst the changes. To make matters worse, its streaming home, HBO Max, removed the show from its catalog. In a recent interview with Cartoon Brew, Molano spoke out on the show's unexpected cliffhanger ending and if he wants to continue the show in some way, shape, or form. 

"Season three is serialized. That was a big jump from the self-contained episodes of the first two. And I'm really proud of that… except that when we were building it, we kind of built it assuming we were gonna get a season four," Molano said. "And so, and I can say this now that it's aired, the very last episode ends on a gigantic cliffhanger. Like, gigantic. It's like the whole season moved towards the last minute of that last episode, Episode 120. And so, since we didn't get to resolve that cliffhanger, it's not satisfying because people won't get to see what happens."

He added, "There are still more things I want to say and that I want to show. If it's in a comic book, that'd be great. I'm a big comic fan. If it's a movie, that would be great too. We wrote the ending, it's there. We know how it would have ended with another season. Now we just need to find a platform and finish it, whether that's a movie or four more episodes or something else."

In the full Q&A, Molano also breaks down when he exactly heard the show was doomed. However, he also openly admits his stance on the whole situation has softened a bit, noting he thinks Warner Bros. Discovery is actively looking for a new streaming home for the series and other options for Victor & Valentino's future.

"At first, I was shocked and confused. But as the dust starts to settle, and we're starting to get a clearer picture of what's happening, it doesn't feel as bad," he said. "There was that initial shock when it had just happened. Now we're piecing everything together, and I think it'll be fine."