'Blue Bloods,' 'Seal Team,' More Greenlit at CBS to Resume Production Following COVID-19 Shutdowns

More CBS dramas have been given the green light to begin production, including Blue Bloods and [...]

More CBS dramas have been given the green light to begin production, including Blue Bloods and SEAL Team. Production on both shows ended in mid-March last season, earlier than planned due to the coronavirus pandemic. Last month, CBS TV Studios set start dates for NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles, which both shoot in Los Angeles.

Blue Bloods Season 11 and SEAL Team Season 4 are expected to start shooting in late September or early October, reports Deadline. Charmed and Nancy Drew, which both air on The CW, have also been given the okay to begin production soon. The new Showtime drama Your Honor and CBS' summer drama series Blood and Treasure will also go in front of the cameras soon. The next batch of shows waiting for the green light includes CBS' Evil and Diary of a Female President, which is produced for Disney+.

Blue Bloods and Evil are shot in New York, while SEAL Team and Diary of a Future President are filmed in Los Angeles. Charmed and Nancy Drew are filmed in Vancouver, like many other CW shows. CBS is planning to air Evil, Blue Bloods, and Evil during the fall season. None of these shows have specific start dates, but Deadline reports Your Honor producers hope to start filming on Oct. 7.

In August, NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles was scheduled to resume filming on Sept. 9 and Sept. 3, respectively. Bull will begin filming on Sept. 25 in New York, while Magnum P.I. is looking to shoot on Sept. 14 in Hawaii. NCIS: New Orleans' start date is Sept. 21. The Unicorn, a single-camera sitcom, will start filming on Oct. 12. The Neighborhood, which uses the multi-camera format, will have its first table read on Sept. 16.

The shows are all following strict coronavirus guidelines, including social distancing. It is not clear how that will affect what audiences see on the screen. After all, it will be difficult for Blue Bloods to have its signature weekly family dinner scenes if the Reagans are sitting six feet apart. CBS TV Studios also hired 21CP Solutions, an advisory group, to consult on its crime dramas, Variety reported in August.

Blue Bloods' 10th season wound up only being 19 episodes due to the coronavirus pandemic, wrapping up early on May 1. The unplanned finale revealed that police officer Joe Hill, played by Will Hochman, is the son of the deceased Joe Reagan. It's not clear if Hochman will be returning for the next season. Writer and executive producer Siobhan Byrne O'Connor recently revealed on Instagram that the Season 11 premiere is titled "Triumph Over Trauma."