'Blue Bloods' Fans Support Danny's Actions Against His Brother-In-Law

In Thursday's episode of Blue Bloods, "Close Calls," Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) ran into his brother-in-law, Jimmy who is a real trouble-maker. Fans supported Danny taking a hard-line against Jimmy, especially after he began using the name of his deceased wife.

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At the start of the episode, Danny had thousands of dollars worth of stuff delivered to his house, which was confusing. Why would the cash-strapped Danny order that much stuff? He soon realized that someone must have stolen his credit card.

That's exactly what happened. Jimmy (guest star Kevin Dillon) stole the card and even used Linda Reagan's (Amy Carlson) name after her death. Danny and his partner, Det. Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez), learn that Jimmy was running a credit card scheme for the Albanian mob.

Danny revealed that Jimmy missed his own sister's funeral, which is why he is really mad at Jimmy. During the interrogation, Jimmy reveals that Linda tried to help him get back on his feet, but she never told him because she thought he would get mad. She was certainly right.

Jimmy thought Danny would not be so hard on him, but that's not what happens. Baez later realizes that Danny is too hot to handle this, so she sits down with him. Jimmy told her he felt some shame for his behavior, and thought his sister was embarrassed by him. Baez calmly told him he needs to turn his life around.

Jimmy agreed to help out by wearing a wire during a conversation with the mob. Baez was going to go in with Jimmy, but he insisted that there was no way the mobsters would believe Baez was his girlfriend. Danny had to trust Jimmy, who said he would not let him down.

During the conversation with the mobsters, things start going south when they figure out Jimmy's wearing a wire. Amazingly, Jimmy wound up with a gun in his hand to stop the mobsters. In the end, Jimmy did the good thing and the cops caught the mobsters.

Fans were not too happy with Jimmy's behavior and approved of Danny's rough behavior with Jimmy.

However, some fans remember that we never really got to say goodbye to Linda, who died off-screen before season eight started. Jimmy said he felt like he never got to say goodbye to his sister, and fans feel the same way still.

Fans also pointed out that Danny has not completely moved on from Linda's death. The grief is still there.

During the family dinner, everyone got on Danny's back, since he wants Jimmy out of his life forever. But Jimmy is really family. He is the uncle to his sons and he introduced him to Linda. Therefore, he is more than just a brother-in-law. He's a close friend.


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