'Big Little Lies' Season 3 Is Happening, Nicole Kidman Says

The actress told a Q&A audience that HBO "will be bringing" fans a third season of 'Big Little Lies.'

Big Little Lies Season 3 is officially happening, according to Nicole Kidman. Deux Moi shared footage of the actress participating in a Ladies Professional Golf Association Q&A event — during the CME Group Tour Championship in Naples, Florida — where she was asked about the show. While discussing the show, she dropped the big reveal that the hit HBO series will be returning.

"I loved Big Little Lies," Kidman said while speaking onstage, "because it sort of came along at a time in my life when I had my children and I was thinking I was going to retire. And then this situation came along, where Reese Witherspoon and I were able to produce that show and create that show. And then all of you watched it and made it a massive success." She then added, "And we will be bringing you a third one, just FYI."

Big Little Lies is based on the 2014 novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty and was adapted for the screen by David E. Kelly. In addition to Kidman, the show stars Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, and Zoë Kravitz as five women in Monterey, California, who become embroiled in a murder investigation. The first season debuted in February 2017 and ended up being one of the biggest shows of the year, earning massive ratings and 16 Emmy award nominations, eight of which it won. While the show was only supposed to be a limited series, producers were able to craft a second season for HBO, which debuted in June 2019.

Previously, Kidman spoke about what it was like to film that dramatic and powerful first season, telling W Magazine that "Big Little Lies for me was so complicated, and that's what was so beautiful about it." She continued, "And that Jean-Marc Vallée [the series' director] was willing to hold [his distance]—there's one scene where he plays it pretty much in a two shot on Alex [Skarsgård] and I, and [Vallée] trusted that and he trusted he didn't need to come in close, he just allowed it to play out with all of the interaction between us. That's really something for a director using the small screen medium. And Alex and I worked very hard on creating the dynamic of that marriage."

Regarding the epic fight scenes between her and Skarsgård, Kidman revealed that they were not choreographed, but that the two actors "would go in and we would do things." She added, "We would try and then Jean-Marc would slowly build the scene, but he also shoots everything, so the minute you come on, you start to do it and we didn't talk a lot about it. There wasn't really any rehearsal. It was more on the day we would go in and do it."

"Alex was so in it, and I was so in it, and there was—talking about trust—an enormous amount of trust there," Kidman also said, "yet at times it felt dangerous and really upsetting, and I would go home afterwards and I would feel—I would keep on a very brave face at work and then I would go home and I didn't realize how much it had penetrated me. And it affected me in a deep way."