'Big Little Lies' Star James Tupper Admits There's a 'Really Good Chance' for Season 3

As many Big Little Lies fans know, Season 2 of the series has long been rumored to be the show's last. However, ever since the season ended in July 2019, there have been talks of a possible Season 3. Now, one of the show's stars is speaking out on whether the Monterey crew could come back to your TV screens once again.

James Tupper, who plays Nathan Carlson, appeared on The Loop recently and gave his take on whether Season 3 of Big Little Lies is a go or not.

"I feel like there's a really good chance," he said, when asked about whether the show could return to HBO. "I mean, they won't say yes. But, they have that look in their eye that means yes."

While this, of course, doesn't serve as confirmation that the show will be back, it is a good sign that one of the stars of Big Little Lies is so confident that Season 3 could happen.

Tupper isn't the only member of the Big Little Lies cast who has spoken out about a possible third season of the Emmy-winning series. In late January, Nicole Kidman, who also produces the HBO show, voiced her thoughts on continuing the series.

"You have to ask Reese [Witherspoon]," Kidman told Entertainment Tonight at the Producers Guild Awards, noting that the two "were just texting." "It would take a great story."

"That's what we're going to see if we can do, but right now it's certainly more of a dream than it is a reality," Kidman added. "Sorry to say, but maybe one day."

Back in November, Kidman once again detailed that Big Little Lies Season 3 was out of her hands. She told Deadline that having another season of the series was up to Liane Moriarty, who wrote the novel which Big Little Lies is based on, and David E. Kelley, who originally brought the show to television.


"The muse is Liane, and she will construct something, so it's left there. And I like how that is, that it's David and Liane. It's David's show. David E. Kelley constructed this show with Liane Moriarty," the Bombshell star said. "They built it from the ground up, and it's their show, and we'll see if they're ignited into building a life for these women, and which way they would go next. We'll find out. But it's so nice as actors having that, and that's where it started. That's where the second one started."

"If there is a third one, all of it will come from the writers, and that's amazing," she added. "Liane is deeply talented. David is deeply talented, and the combination of them is extraordinary. So, where they would take it, I have no idea."