'The Big Bang Theory' Season 11 Episode 8 Puts a Rift in the Gang

The Big Bang Theory found a majority of its characters in various stages of anger during this week's episode, "The Tesla Recoil," which kicked off with Leonard and Howard discovering that Sheldon was still working with the military despite the fact that the three friends were fired at the end of last season.

Sheldon revealed that he modified the group's technology and pitched it to the military as a communications system, a fact that Leonard and Howard don't take kindly to. To get back at Sheldon, they recruit their nemesis, Kripke, who later uses their ideas to start his own project. As a result, both Sheldon and Leonard and Howard's projects are canceled.

Elsewhere, Raj, who is sleeping with Bernadette's co-worker Ruchi, is asked by Bernadette to find out whether Ruchi is trying to steal her projects at work. Raj complies, and Ruchi confirms to him that she loves being able to complete Bernadette's projects. After Raj tells Ruchi everything, she breaks up with him. While speaking with Bernadette, who is furious at Ruchi, Raj calls her out and says she would likely do the same thing if the tables were turned, causing Bernadette to admit that she has manipulated co-workers in the past.

Throughout the episode, Penny serves as the voice of reason, and things end with a few jokes. Still, it remains to be seen how this week's events affect the characters going forward.


Photo Credit: CBS