'BH90210': Tori Spelling's Financial Problems, Nepotism Jokes Leave Fans Talking

BH90210 keeps throwing hits at Tori Spelling's financial issues and her history of nepotism, and fans are loving it. The second episode of the Fox summer series continued to poke fun at the star's life, with many viewers taking to social media to comment on the parallels between real life and the Tori they are seeing on screen.

Spoilers ahead of BH90210 Episode 2: "The Pitch"

Wednesday's episode saw the fictionalized versions of the actors reunite to face charges in court for their actions in Las Vegas, including Tori stealing the old costume from the show and all of them running away in Brian Austin Green's jet.

The judge left them with a community service punishment, and Tori with a massive penalty she had to pay to the fan who owned the dress she stole. With the show having already established her rocky financial situation, her desires to get the actual 90210 reboot up and running was more necessary than ever.

Fans of the show were curious to see how comfortable Spelling was to include all the financial jokes on the show, given real-life speculation and reports about her finances.

The episode also threw a dig at Spelling's history of nepotism, after Jennie (Garth) made it a condition for her to do the reboot to get her daughter cast on the show.

When the rest of the cast found out, Ian (Ziering) brought up the fact many people were upset that Tori was cast on the original series, simply because her father, Aaron Spelling, was the executive producer.

Tori didn't seem too offended by the comment, though she did spend most of the episode remembering her father's legacy as a super producer, and how he fought to get the Charlie's Angels series on the air.

The actress previously addressed her character's financial problems on the show in a viral interview where she was seen being visibly uncomfortable when a Good Day New York reporter brought up the topic during an on-screen interview.

"That was a decision I made and we made together to put that in there," Spelling said in the interview, alongside Garth. "That's such speculation, media loves to talk about it, so we were like, 'Let's face it straight on. Let’s put it in there.'"


Ahead of Wednesday's episode, Radar Online reported Spelling still owed $87,000 to American Express from a 2016 ruling. She and husband Dean McDermott are also currently fighting with City National Bank in court after failing to pay back a $400,000 loan.

BH90210 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on FOX.