Fans Are in Awe of How Bernadette Peters and Kristin Chenoweth Looked During 'The Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary Special'

While Carol Burnett was the focus of attention during CBS' 50th anniversary tribute to The Carol Burnett Show, many of the viewers were stunned by how good Bernadette Peters and Kristin Chenoweth looked.

The 69-year-old Peters and the 49-year-old Chenoweth performed a duet during the show. Viewers were not only amazed by their performance, but they also couldn't stop talking about how it looks like the singers never age.

"Dear Burnadette (sic) Peters....I would like to know what deal with the devil you NEVER age," a viewer wrote.

"Going to hunt down Bernadette Peters' youth elixir," another added, alluding to the fact that a lot of viewers were trying to figure out if Peters has some kind of magic potion.

"Umm [Bernadette Peters] & [Kristin Chenoweth] together is too much for me to handle," wrote another.

One fan has had a crush on Peters for a really long time.

Another Twitter user had some extreme feels when watching their performance.


One fan called Chenoweth a "national treasure," just like Burnett.