Beloved Morning Show Host Is Getting Her Own Series

Beloved morning talk show host Alison Hammond is reportedly up for her own show! Hammond hosts This Morning on ITV in the U.K., but according to a report by The Sun she may soon get her own series instead. Insiders said that it might happen as soon as this year.

Hammond has become a staple of British TV, with This Morning being her longest-running role. She also hosted the singing competition I Can See Your Voice on BBC1, and this December she was the face of a fan-favorite ad campaign for a grocery chain in the U.K. All of this has drawn the attention of TV executives who reportedly feel that Hammond has the star power and charisma to carry her own show. So far, however, details on this project are scarce at best.

One of the U.K.'s favorite morning show hosts is up for a big promotion that could push her towards even wider recognition. Last month, The Sun reported that Alison Hammond may be on the fast track to her own TV show in 2023. After watching her work on ITV's This Morning and BBC1's I Can See Your Voice, fans will be happy for her.

Hammond is best known to most viewers for This Morning, a mid-morning talk show that airs on weekdays throughout the U.K. discussing news, pop culture and lifestyle tips. Hammond also hosts the game show I Can See Your Voice, which is a singing competition with a unique game show twist. In December, Hammond went viral for starring in one of the U.K.'s biggest holiday ads of the year – a commercial for a supermarket chain called Sainsbury's. All of this has reportedly caught the eyes of TV executives who want to see Hammond host her own show at last.

Hammond is reportedly waiting for a counter-offer from her current bosses. The insider said: "It remains to be seen if This Morning bosses will give her a higher wage and a higher-profile role on the show to ensure she stays with them. If not, the Sky show is unlikely to be the last tempting offer she receives."

This would be a welcome change for Hammond, who has had her fair share of disappointments in the TV industry. She was hired to host ITV's reboot of Wheel of Fortune in the U.K., only for the project to be canceled unceremoniously. At the same time, her personal clout is arguably at an all-time high. She was recently nominated for Best Presenter at the National Television Awards, establishing herself as a real powerhouse.

This is especially impressive considering Hammond's roundabout introduction to the TV industry. She found her way on screen in 2002 when she was one of the contestants on the U.K.'s version of Big Brother. While she didn't last long on the game show, she made enough of an impression to continue in other reality TV shows. She went on to make appearances on Celebrity Fit Club, Celebrities Under Pressure, Big Star's Little Star, Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes, Celebrity Ready Steady Cook, Daily Cook's Challenge and Loose Women, among others.

Hammond even found her way onto the big screen in 2018 with an appearance in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. It's clear that she has some staying power in the industry, even if it's not clear exactly what comes next for her.