'American Chopper' Returns After Five-Year Absence in New Trailer

After five long years away, American Choppers is coming back!

The father and son duo of Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr. are reviving their hit show on the Discovery Channel as part of "Motor Mega Week," with a special sneak peak airing Thursday night before the new season begins May 28.

Entertainment Tonight released an exclusive teaser trailer for the show, revealing what the family business will be up to going forward.

"My dad and I are working on trying to be friends again," Teutul Jr. said. "I don't want to work for my father anymore, but I certainly want more of a relationship. I mean, that's what's important to me."

With Teutul Jr. working on his own, Teutul Sr. will have his own struggles working with new, younger employees.

"I'm older now, a lot wiser...," Teutul Sr. said in the trailer. "Maybe that's debatable."

"Dude I'm stressed out of my mind," he continued, before threatening to smack one of employees in the face with a part he found unsatisfactory.

"I have five bikes going on in my shop, which is a good thing, but I've been yelling at everybody."

The first five minutes of the sneak peek was also released on Facebook.

American Chopper first debuted in 2002 and ran for six season seasons through 2010 across 165 episodes, first on Discovery Channel and later on TLC.

American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior, the show's spin-off, ran for another four seasons and 70 episodes, ending in December 2012. The duo originally worked together for Orange County Choppers, which Teutul Sr. started in 1999 by manufacturing custom motorcycles as part of his steel business, OC Iron Works.

The spilt between father and son wasn't the smoothest transition. Teutul Jr. was fired by his father in late 2008, but return to the shop within months as a contractor. He officially left the family business in April 2009, starting up his own design company, Paul Jr. Designs.

In retaliation, Teutul Sr. attempted to buyout his son's 20% share in the company, leading to a lawsuit. Teutul Sr. won the original lawsuit, but Junior won his appeal and was allowed to keep his share in the company until a fair selling price was agreed to.


Paul Jr. Designs officially opened in April 2010, spawning the American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior spin-off.

Celebrities who own custom made-motorcycles from the Teutuls include Will Smith, Bill Murray, Jay Leno, President Donald Trump, Lance Armstrong and Russell Crowe. Sports teams such as the New York Jets, New York Yankees and Kansas City Royals have also had custom bikes made by the famous duo.