Amber Heard's 'The Stand' Character Shown in New Photo

New photos from CBS All-Access' remake of The Stand have emerged, including a new look at Amber Heard in character as Nadine Cross. Heard and some co-stars sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly ahead of the series' premiere later this month, and the outlet published new pictures as well. Heard said that Nadine is "one of the most nuanced of King's female characters, and not an easy part to play."

The photo shows Heard with her hair down and a searching expression on her face, wearing a simple high-collared sweater under a plain jacket. Fans of the original Stephen King book will know that Heard will have to cycle through a few looks to fully capture the role of Nadine, but it sounds like she is up for the challenge. She told her interviewer that she is a lifelong fan of King's work, and she has a lot of thoughts on what is needed for an honest portrayal of Nadine.

"She owns and uses her sexuality, but that's just part of her repertoire, not something that defines her," Heard said. "She also represents for me a kind of a balance between someone who is a villain and a victim."

Very little has been announced about the new reboot of The Stand up until recently, as the show's premiere date approaches. In addition to Heard, the stars include James Marsen as Stu Redman, Jovan Apedo as Larry Underwood, Whoopi Goldberg as Mother Abigail and Brad William Henke as Tom Cullen. EW spoke primarily to the actors playing the villains — Nat Wolff as Lloyd Henreid, Ezra Miller as Trashcan Man and, of course, Alexander Skarsgård as Randall Flagg.

All of the actors recognized the scope of the story they set out to tell. The Stand is one of King's longest and most epic books, often compared in scale to J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series. It is also timely, as it depicts an apocalyptic plague that wipes out much of humanity in a short time, then forces the survivors into a spiritual war between good and evil.


The Stand's enormous cast also includes Odessa Young as Frannie Goldsmith, Henry Zaga as Nick Andros, Owen Teague as Harold Lauder and Greg Kinnear as Glen Bateman. The list goes on from there, with a formidable number of actors needed for a finite limited series.

The Stand was adapted for TV once before in 1994, as a four-part miniseries that aired on ABC. These days, TV adaptations for epic fantasy books are more popular than movie adaptations, and CBS has committed nine episodes to this one. The series premieres on Thursday, Dec. 17, on CBS All Access.