'The View' Host Whoopi Goldberg Debuts New Dramatic Hairstyle, and Fans Weigh In

The View host Whoopi Goldberg recently debuted a dramatic new hairstyle, and it has fans weighing in online. This week, Goldberg revealed a head full of white and grey dreadlocks, which is much different than the dark dreads she'd become known for. Fans who were shocked to see the new look have been chiming in on Twitter, with one writing, "My, my, my, Whoopi Your blonde hair looks amazing!! The blonde hair highlights your beautiful face by creating a frame around it. Now I can finally see your beautiful face. Please keep this hair color. Btw I love you and all that you to to entertain & inform us."

"The audience was stunned when Whoopi walked out," another person said. "It was A MOMENT! I'm glad you explained your new hair color. I really got a kick out of their reaction when you came out...like "what in the world did she do?!"...whew! Love you Whoopi."

"Hey Whoopie! Love the new hair! I've spent hundreds if not thousands trying to find someone who can turn my naturally brunette (now about 50% gray) all gray, white or silver, I don't care what it's called as long as it's in that family, and every colorist says," someone else commented.

Regarding why she made the big change, Goldberg explained that it's for an upcoming acting gig.

"I'm doing The Stand for CBS, Stephen King's The Stand and at the great kudos to ABC, who is allowing me to do what my first love is," she explained, revealing that she will portray Mother Abigail in the upcoming CBS All-Access series, which will also star Alexander Skarsgard, Amber Heard and James Marsden.

"The woman I play is over 100," Goldberg continued. "We may spread, but the hair always looks good. I think she's about 108 or 9. This is why I feel like people need to know that 100 is no longer what you think 100 used to be. When [King] first wrote this book, Mother Abigail was probably this tall and looked like Miss Pittman on steroids and the reason for that was because people had no idea what older black women looked like. No one ever looked at old black women like that."


The Stand does not currently have an announced premiere date.

Photo Credit: Getty Images