'All American' Star Hunter Clowdus Reacts to Being Named Series Regular for CW Series (Exclusive)

All American is in its fourth season and actor Hunter Clowdus is now a series regular. But before Season 4 of The CW series began airing, Clowdus, who plays the role of JJ, was promoted after being a recurring character for the first three seasons. PopCulture.com recently caught up with Clowdus who opened up about getting the big promotion. 

"It was surreal," Clowdus exclusively told PopCulture. "And usually I don't put that much precedent upon awards and titles just because they often are put up on a pedestal, but I'm a big fan of the process. I think hard work and dedication matters. I'm really proud of that, I feel like I earned it. I've been out here in LA for nine years now and it's been quite a journey.    

Clowdus continued: "I moved out here with a couple of hundred bucks and I knew a friend, I slept on his floor. It was typical, trying to find the pieces as you go. And so I'm really proud of myself personally, that I just continue to work hard and try and be a good person. And I feel like I did it the right way, the ethical way. So I'm really proud of all of that. But yeah, I was just elated to finally get that external affirmation, if you will."

JJ is a fan-favorite because he's always the life of the party and the one who seems to have a positive outlook on almost anything. He's one of the reasons All American was named the No. 1 series on The CW back in January. Clowdus explained why the show has been a huge success. "I think the things that we were talking about on the show, you could turn on the news and you would see like, oh, this is really what's happening," he said. "So I think the writers did a phenomenal job of staying really close to what people were feeling and experiencing. And then we just dramatized it a touch. But at the end of the day, we are trying to tell these real truthful stories and I think that's what resonated with so many people so early.

"And of course, something that we're all super proud to be a part of because we feel like, years down the road when perhaps there aren't new seasons of All American coming out, people will find and discover this show, and hopefully it gives them some confidence and courage to find their own voice when it comes to speaking up about subject matters that are important."