Al Roker Mocks Fan on Twitter Then Walks It Back

Today weather anchor Al Roker is taking back his mocking of a fan who complained about the announcement that Hoda Kotb would replace Matt Lauer as co-anchor.

On Tuesday morning, just hours after NBC News Chairman Andy Lack announced that Hoda Kotb would be co-anchoring Today alongside Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker took to Twitter to defend his co-worker after a fan of the show stated that she "was looking for a seasoned man."

"Sounds like you want a steak, not an anchor," Roker commented, quoting the tweet in question.

But it appears that the 63-year old may have spoken too soon and may have misunderstood the commenter's meaning. Twitter user @kgtchr replied to Roker's tweet explaining "it's not a gender issue but rather personality. You all are in hype over the wrong issue."

Roker was quick to comment once again, stating that he guesses "'seasoned man' has nothing to do with gender. I misunderstood."


During the Tuesday morning Today broadcast, Savannah Guthrie announced that Kotb would officially be joining her as co-anchor following Matt Lauer's termination following allegations of sexual assault. Guthrie and Kotb will co-anchor the 7-9 a.m. hours of Today, along with weather anchor Al Roker and Orange Room host Carson Daly.

Following the announcement, Kotb's co-anchors took to Twitter to congratulate the 53-year-old's latest achievement.