'1923': Trailer Released for New 'Yellowstone' Origin Story

The official trailer has dropped for 1923, the latest prequel in the Yellowstone saga coming to Paramount+ later this month. In the trailer for Taylor Sheridan's new drama series, which stars Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford as Cara and Jacob Dutton, fans get their first extended look at the Dutton's early conflict with Timothy Dalton's Donald Whitfield, who moves into the ranch next to theirs.

As Whitfield's intention to take over the whole valley becomes clear, Cara makes it clearer to her new neighbor, "Well, this is the Yellowstone, and you have no rights here." Soon after, Jacob approaches the sheriff about starting a range war with Whitfield, who has enlisted Jerome Flynn's (Game of Thrones) Banner Creighton to do his bidding. 

Cara is a force to be reckoned with in the trailer, threatening Creighton, saying, "Men kill quick – with a bullet or a noose – but your fight is with me, and I kill much slower." Jacob also isn't letting his home go to Whitfield without a fight. "You attack my family, it's going to be the last thing you ever do," the Dutton patriarch says.

Paramount+'s 1923 will bring a new generation of Duttons to the screen following the smash hit success of flagship Paramount Network series Yellowstone and its subsequent spinoff 1883, which starred Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Sam Elliott. The new series 1923 will explore the "early 20th century when pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition and the Great Depression all plague the mountain west, and the Duttons who call it home," according to Paramount+.

"He's the silverback," Ford told Vanity Fair of his character. "He's responsible for that branch of the family. These are two people with a very strong bond to each other who are facing really complicated circumstances." And while the Duttons of Yellowstone are wealthy, the Duttons of 1923 are barely scraping by because of the Great Depression. "They can lose it all in a season," Ford explained. "They're up against weather, the economy, the influx of railroads, and the change in the cattle business. It's a complicated time. It's a volatile time."


In addition to Ford and Mirren, 1923 also stars Darren Mann (Animal Kingdom), Michelle Randolph (A Snow White Christmas), James Badge Dale (Hightown), Marley Shelton (Scream), Brian Geraghty (Big Sky), and Aminah Nieves (Blueberry). 1923 will premiere simultaneously on the Paramount Network and on Paramount+ on Dec. 18.