'Modern Family': Haley and Dylan Get Married After Trying to Elope

Modern Family staged a disastrous last-minute wedding for Haley and Dylan, ending in a touching intimate ceremony for the fan-favorite couple.

After months of speculation as to when Haley (Sarah Hyland) would finale say yes to Dylan's (Reid Ewing) marriage proposals, "Can't Elope" found the very pregnant Dunphy to get down on one knee herself after a trip to the hospital.

The beginning of the episode saw the parents-to-be rush to the hospital when Haley started feeling contractions though, after the series tried to trick viewers with a scene from a soap opera, it was revealed it was only a false alarm.

In the hospital parking lot, Haley made the decision she and Dylan should be married before the twins arrive and she attempted to get down on one knee to propose, though it was more like lying on the ground because of her pregnancy.

Rather than having some big ceremony given their time restrictions, the couple decided they should just get it over with and have a quick courthouse ceremony. Their plans, however, quickly started to unravel when they decided to name Alex (Ariel Winter) as their witness.

In a quick scene all the Dunphys found out about the pair's plan to elope, and after some quick guilt-tripping from Phil (Ty Burrell) and Claire (Julie Bowen), they agreed to have a quick ceremony at the house. Knowing there's no such thing as a small Pritchett-Dunphy event, Haley knew agreeing to this would mean chaos.

Slowly, the members of the family gathered at Claire and Phil's home for the impromptu ceremony, which also featured a special appearance from an Instagram famous dog Jay (Ed O'Neill) was trying to get as a sponsor for his new dog bed business. Among the guests viewers also saw the return of Dylan's Mom (Rachel Bay Jones), who fought with Phil for the privilege of conducting the ceremony, and his grandfather, played by Jack Axelrod.

The chaos of having the family together trying to pull the ceremony together in such a short amount of time eventually lead Haley to her breaking point, and her and Dylan rushed out of the living room. Seeing the error of her ways, Claire tells her daughter to leave and elope, trying to hide her disappointment that she would not be at her daughter's wedding, despite the fact she also eloped when she was pregnant with her.


The episode delivered one final twist when Haley returned that night and awoke her family. She said she could not go through with the courthouse wedding and the Dunphys gathered in their pajamas for Phil to marry the happy couple.

Could there have been a more fitting wedding day for Haley and Dylan? Modern Family airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.