'Scandal' Fans React to Olivia Pope's 'Intervention'

Olivia Pope has been abusing her power, and her friends are done giving her a free pass.

After last week's revelation that Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowes) did not actually die at the hands of Eli Pope (Joe Morton) but that he was actually protecting her from Olivia's (Kerry Washington) grasp by making her believe she was dead, the team decides to sit Olivia down at Fitz's house in Vermont and tell her to stop.

"We're trying to help you," Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) says at the beginning of the hour.

"So this is what? An intervention?" Olivia says.

"Think of it as a second chance Liv, leave the White House, give up B-613 and David (Joshua Malina) won't prosecute," Abby (Darby Stanchfield) says to Olivia.

The Kerry Washington-directed hour means Olivia will finally be confronted for the abuses of power she has committed as President Mellie Grant's (Bellamy Young) chief of staff.

Fans were really excited to see Olivia Pope go off on her friends, as well as for them to try and bring back the "old Olivia."

Like any intervention, Olivia puts up a fight at first. With each of her friends trying to appeal to her with kind words, charges that she could be charged with if she doesn't come clean to her friends and direct confrontation.

Back in Washington, Mellie tries to figure out why Olivia went down the path of murder, and whether or not she has to get rid of Olivia to save her.

Jake (Scott Foley) tells Mellie that the decision came because of her affair she was having with the head of state Olivia killed. She didn't want Mellie's inappropriate relationship to derail all her plans.

Fitz tells Olivia she was wrong when she decided to take over B-613 and promises her he's not going anywhere until she's ready to come out of the room she's locked herself in and face her friends.

The next morning Olivia comes out of the morning with a letter. It is a resignation letter from her chief of staff position.

"I'm not admitting I was wrong... I tried to listen to everything all of you said to em, but still I can't admit I was wrong, which is how I know... what I can't admit is that I have to stop. I can't continue, not like this... not anymore."

She then says she wishes she could apologize to Quinn, but since she can, she's saying it to them. She says she'll resign during the day's press briefing.

But this is Scandal after all, so there's a twist.

Back in Washington, Olivia tells Jake she's about to lose every last friend she's ever had, except for him.

At the briefing, the press secretary gives regular headlines. Olivia has no intention to resign. As her friends watch the briefing, Olivia is with Jake, without a care in the world.

Fitz and the team try to figure out a way to bring Olivia to justice, but realize they can't without bringing the entire republic down with them. Jake also goes to Mellie as gets her back in line.

The episode ends with the biggest shocker, Olivia walks into the White House, convinced she has outsmarted everyone, when she realizes her things are being moved out of her office, only for Jake to move in.

The episode ends with a pissed off Olivia rushing into the oval office and telling Mellie, "what did you do?"

Scandal airs Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.