YouTube Star Jake Paul Wants to Fight Soulja Boy for $20 Million

Jake Paul is willing to pay quite the pretty penny for a chance to swing against Soulja Boy.The [...]

Jake Paul is willing to pay quite the pretty penny for a chance to swing against Soulja Boy.

The YouTube star told TMZ this week that he's willing to cough up $20 million of his own money to fight the rapper following an Instagram Live session last week where the men exchanged virtual jabs at each other.

"It's pretty serious. I'm trying to fight him. I know it'll blow up," Paul told the outlet.

As to why he has beef with the rapper, he said it's "more business" related, but that "I don't like some of the stuff he's recently done."

Although Paul, 22, wouldn't name specifics about what he doesn't like about the rapper, Soulja Boy, 28, has been in the news after a woman accused him of kidnapping and assaulting her, a claim he denied.

"There's just a lot of controversy around him and I think people would love to see him get knocked out," Paul said, adding that "I'm sure people want to see me get knocked out, so that's why I think it would be a good fight."

He said he would "100 percent" pay $20 million for the boxing match to happen, insisting that he's good for it. He made Forbes' list of the 10 highest-paid YouTubers of 2018, coming in at $21.5 million. The only YouTuber to make more than him was a 7-year-old, Ryan, who unboxes and reviews toys and now has his own line of collectibles at Walmart.

Fans (or gawkers) shouldn't get their hopes up for the fight to actually happen, however. Paul said he's ready to start throwing punches "as soon as [Soulja Boy] gives me his manager's number to sign a contract," but he has a suspicion that the "Pretty Boy Swag" singer isn't serious about taking their issues to the boxing ring.

"He's just taking his sweet time," Paul said. "I think he's all talk. Everyone in this industry's all talk."

In last week's video, Soulja Boy told Paul that he has $20 million from a record advance that he's willing to put toward the fight. "Imma knock you out," Soulja Boy told him at the time.

"Bro, but what's gonna happen when you lose? That's what you don't understand," Paul responded.

"You don't got no hands, Jake Paul. I already beat your big brother up, what you think I'm gonna do to you?" Soulja Boy said.

"Put your money where your mouth is, bro. I'm gonna beat your ass," Paul said.

"You ain't gonna do s—, Jake Paul. You weak," the rapper said.

The drama started on Friday when Paul tweeted, "I wanna box [Soulja Boy]," to which Soulja Boy responded, "Boy I'll knock you out."

"yeah yeah & you probably think Tyson copied the way you punch.." Paul wrote.

It remains to be seen if the two men will wind up boxing each other.