Youth Football Coach Shot After Breaking up Fight Between Players

A youth football coach was recently shot twice in the leg after breaking up a fight between two rival players.

According to the Daily Mail, the 42-year old coach was keeping watch over a game in Antioch, Tennessee when a couple of kids from opposite teams began to get into it.

The coach intervened, which reportedly upset one of the parents. "Who laid his hands on my kid?" the unnamed man demanded to know.

After admitting that he was the one who broke up the fight, the coach and the father went off to speak in private, which is when the parent allegedly brandished his weapon and fired on the coach.

The coach was stuck twice in the leg and transported to Vanderbilt hospital to have his wounds treated. He is said to be currently be in recovery.

Speaking to reporters about the situation, other parents have expressed grave concern over the shooting, considering it stemmed from a junior football league squabble.

"That's completely insane, to shoot somebody over a football game is getting out of hand that's way, way out of hand, that's beyond my comprehension," one parent said.

"Parents need to stay on the sideline let the coaches handle it. If you have problem, take it the school, take it to the next level. Don't get involved on the field," another added.

The city that the shooting to place in is near Nashville, Tennessee, and many citizens have commented on the police department's tweets with their own thoughts on the situation.

"Only way to settle a problem is to shoot them? Now instead of enjoying family life, you will be enjoying prison life," one person commented.


"And this is how we teach our children to resolve disputes? Guns!?! Really!?!" another exclaimed.

Police are still in search of the gunman, as he fled the scene after the shooting. It is currently unknown if he has been identified.