Woman Sues NYPD After Cop Sends Her Lewd Text Messages Following Her Arrest

A New York Police Department police officer is accused of sending lewd text messages to a woman just minutes after he arrested her

In a lawsuit filed on Monday, Kammie Sifonte, 22, claims that NYPD officer Roy Santiago, 24, began sending her sexual text messages less than 30 minutes after she was released on a desk-appearance ticket. Santiago had arrested her after she was caught shoplifting at Target in November of 2016, the New York Post reports.

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The first several texts that Sifonte received weren't sexual, Santiago encouraging her to meet up with him by stating "You owe me donuts. Whenever you are free let me know…I get off at 4."

As the texts continued, however, they progressively became more aggressive and sexual in nature.

"I think you look better with cuffs on," one of the messages read.

In one of the vulgar texts, Santiago claimed that he wanted to participate in a "threesome orgy" and wanted to "rub you wherever you want." He also went on to tell Sifonte that she was "thick in all the right places."

Fearing that Santiago could influence the outcome of her criminal case, which was later dismissed and sealed, Sifonte says that she reluctantly played along, even sending the NYPD officer a picture of herself.

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"It hurts everybody in the community when a police officer does something like this," civil lawyer Henry Bell said. "It erodes trust in the community, and that trust is essential."


Sifonte stopped receiving text messages from Santiago on November 23, the civil complaint states.

Sifonte is suing Roy Santiago, the NYPD, and the city for "in excess of $25,000" for "extreme and outrageous conduct" which she claims violated her civil rights and caused her emotional distress. Both Santiago and the NYPD declined to comment.