Woman Sues Hotel for Allegedly Kicking Her off Swingers' Floor

A woman is suing Marriott for kicking her out of one of their hotels for not being a swinger.

Hale Lewis is suing Marriott after she was allegedly kicked out of one of their hotels because "she was a non-swinger on a swingers' floor," TMZ reports.

Lewis claims that she had booked a 3-day stay at a Marriott in Atlanta, Georgia for a New Year's Eve party last year, but what was supposed to be a fun night ended with her being taken out in handcuffs due to a mix-up on the floor where her room was located.

According to legal documents, Lewis claims that she ran into a man on the floor who thought she was part of Swingers of Atlanta and attempted to get her to pay more for being on the floor. He eventually got hotel staff and police to kick her out.

Lewis isn't sure how the mix-up occurred, saying that she went through the normal booking process and that her room placement on a floor reserved just for Swingers of Atlanta was the hotel's fault. She claims that hotel had no right to kick her out. The lawsuit fails to note if she grew aggressive or disorderly after she was told to leave.


Marriott and Swingers of Atlanta refrained from commenting on the incident and the lawsuit.