Woman Marries the Color Pink in Bizarre, Historic Ceremony

A California woman has landed herself in the history books thanks to her history-making marriage. When Kitten Kay Sera walked down the aisle in Las Vegas on Jan. 1, she became the first person ever to marry a color when she said "I do" to her "true love," the color pink, which she had been dating for "40 years" before those wedding bells began to ring.

The West Hollywood native, originally from Houston, Texas and known as "the pinkest person in the world," kicked off the new year by making history with her marriage at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. For her special day, Sera donned head-to-toe pink, foregoing the traditional white wedding dress in favor of a pink wedding dress. Her guests also wore all pink. As she read her vows, Sera held her pink color swatch, which features "five shades of pink," and swapped the Bible for her fashion bible, a copy of Vogue. Announcing her nuptials on social media, Sera shared dubbed the day the "BEST DAY EVER" as she shared, "I MARRIED MY TRUE LOVE . THE COLOR PINK!!"

Sera told KVU her romance with the color pink goes back decades, revealing, "I've had my relationship with the color pink for 40 years." However, despite her deep love for the color, she did not consider tying the knot to it until two years ago, when "a kid said to me on a skateboard, he said, 'wow you love pink, right?' I said, 'yeah, I love it so much,' and he goes, 'you love it so much, why don't you marry it?' I thought, 'this kid's on to something!'" 

According to Sera, who also opened up about her unusual marriage during an appearance on ITV's This Morning, she has been wearing the color pink since the 1980s. Recalling he moment she knew she wanted to wear the color forever, Sera said she "went home and gave everything that wasn't pink away – I have four sisters – and in that year I transformed my wardrobe...I just had on all pink, wasn't like a high fashion outfit... it was on my birthday, this feels right."


While marrying a color may be unconventional, Sera encouraged people to embrace what they love. She said, "have fun with it. Have a ball. You're only here for a little bit of time. Have a blast." Sera and the color pink's history-making marriage is set to be made into a documentary. Sera announced on Instagram just days after her marriage that PINKEST "will be filled with all my ups and downs .. things I have not been able to talk about legally for 20 years."