Woman Gets Death Threats for Online Appeal to Fund Breast Reduction

A woman in England has received death threats after posting an online appeal to fund a breast reduction.

Jasmin Vlassi, from Stonehouse, England, says that she began receiving death threats after she shared a link to her GoFundMe page in an attempt to help fund her breast reduction surgery, which is estimated to cost $10,000, the Daily Record reports.

"I've had death threats and all sorts. I burst out crying the other day because I missed my bus stop from stressing out, so I ended up somewhere I didn't know and took a panic attack outside a shop. I was so lucky there was a nice woman there who called me a taxi to get home and let me stay in the shop. I was just that scared to be alone," she said.

Vlassi says that the comments that she has received have ranged from threats of physical violence to ill-wishes on her from complete strangers.

"One person said something about how I should get punched in the throat and another said I should have my pout cut off whilst under the knife, which really was not nice to see at all. I eventually had to just stop reading them because it was making me so scared in case someone actually wanted to hurt me. I was frightened."

Vlassi, who works as a customer service advisor, said that by age 13 she already had a size DD bust, but in the span of seven years, she has found herself now at a size 32K. While the size of her bust makes her uncomfortable, it is also affecting her health, as the 20-year-old suffers from a rare bone disease, and her oversized-bust adds to the pain of her condition.

"I have always hesitated to make one of these pages as I know there are people that deserve help so much more. I thought this was worth a try as I'm not the richest of the bunch and I have had to make the choice to go private to receive a breast reduction I have longed for since I was young. I won't write my sob story as I don't want to bore anyone, I would love if anyone could spare even a tiny amount to help towards the cost," she wrote on her GoFundMe page.


"I have a £1000 ($1,400) deposit to pay and the other few thousand I will be able to pay up. Any help would be grately appreciated and if anyone has any questions or anything please send a message! The amount of girls I've had saying they'd like to do the same is unreal. I'd love to help anyone I can," Vlassi went on to explain.

While multiple surgeons have contacted Vlassi offering to help, the 20-year-old says that she is going to stick to her original plan with her original surgeon.